You can now find our products stocked in shops up and down the country!

We are so happy to announce we are now growing stockists weekly along with making progress to our goal, to have our products in your local Headshop. You can now blaze like King\Queen whenever you feel like it along with save on shipping!

The love and support we’ve received from all of you has made us feel very blessed and inspired to keep going through the tough times of Covid. With all that support we’ve been able to also bring you new products like our new OnePoint5 Cannon, No Frills Cannons, Refill Packs and more importantly lower our prices.

Working with the counties leaders in the trade, we genuinely feel blessed to be able to say we have received outstanding feedback, repeat orders and we are beginning to genuinely feel we are now part of that group. Our 5 star products have really solidified us in the market and the feedback has been unbelievable. We genuinely can’t thank you from our stockists to our customers to the end users.

We love to hear from you and what our products meant to you. We’ve seen a huge increase in our larger cannons being used for special occasions and what better present could you give to a stoner friend than a hand packed premium grade bat of dank that looks sexy AF!!

PLEASE NOTE; Unfortunately our Cannons are strictly naked, which means “dank” is not included........sorry, but we’re in the UK! 

Our list of customers who we are working with to bring you their brand in Octopus Cannons is growing rapidly also. We have some exciting news coming very soon, but in the meantime you can already find our collab branded Cannon products at The Plug - London - @theplugsiuk - www.theplugsi.com

Check out our growing list of stockists and if one isn’t by you then give your local headshop a nudge and let them know about us. Alternatively send us their details on our social @octoworksuk and we will do our best to get our products stocked in that shop for you. 


1. HG Headshop - Harrogate - @hgheadshop

2. Huddersfield Seeds - Huddersfield - @huddersfieldseeds1 - www.huddersfieldseeds.co.uk 

3. Smokers Choice - Stafford - Hanley - @smokerschoicestafford - @smokerschoiceuk - www.smokers-choiceuk.co.uk 

4. The Little Headshop - Crewe - @little_headshop - www.littleheadshop.co.uk 

5. Skyhigh Essentials - Essex - @skyhighs.essentials

6. Blaze Headshop - Wakefield - @blaze_headshop420 - www.blazeheadshop.co.uk 

7. Pukka Headshop - Birmingham - @pkpukkaseedbank - @dont_fail_detox_Pukka_seedbank - www.pk-pukka-seedbank.co.uk 

8. The Plugsi - London - @theplugsi - @siuktv - www.theplugsi.com

9. The Woods - Darwen - @t.w.c.o - www.thewoodson-op420.com

10. Green Headshop - Worthing - @greenworthing - www.greenheadshop.com

12. Firehouse - Barcelona - @fire_house_bcn

13. UK Skunkworks - www.ukskunkworks.co.uk 

14. Premium Vapes - @premiumvapes_

15. 4TWENTY Store - @4twentystore - www.4twentystore.co.uk

16. Smoking Essentials 3D - @smoking_essentials_3d

17. Simply Souvenirs - @simplysouvenirsf2 - www.simplysouvenirs.co.uk

18. Rolling Faded - @rollingfaded - www.rollingfaded.com

19. Otherside London - @othersidelondon - www.othersidelondon.com

HG Headshop - Harrogatewww.huddersfieldseeds.co.ukSmokers Choice - Stoke On Trentwww.littleheadshop.co.uk Sky High Essentials - Essexwww.blazeheadshop.co.ukwww.pk-pukka-seedbank.co.uk www.theplugsi.comwww.thewoodsco-op420.comwww.naturalsolutions.uk www.theplugsi.comwww.greenheadshop.comFirehouse BarcelonaNatural SolutionsPukka Pukka Seed BankUK Skunkworks

Premium Vapes4TWENTY StoreSmoking Essentials
Simply Souvenirs

Rolling Faded
Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary

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