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Welcome to Octopus News and updates.

Due to the ongoing support and success of our launch, we have been listening to you and have been very busy ironing out any issues to streamline our service with an aim to constantly push for a better customer experience.

All our Octopus Pre Roll Cannons are made by hand along with sourcing the best possible materials in existence from around the Globe. This has proved very very challenging due to this pandemic, high shipping costs and ordering in small quantities. This initially set our starting price point on each Cannon higher than we would like, but with your support we’ve been able to order our next lot of materials in such a bigger quantity along with savings on shipping, that we have been able to reduce our production costs by whopping 30%. This has been passed on straight to you and now all cannons are 30% cheaper.

It’s so hard for a small business to launch never mind in the middle of a pandemic and being a specialist artisan product too, but you guys have shown that if quality is right then people just want it! 

We always continue to push the boundaries and any costs savings we can make will be passed onto you guys straight away.

We hope you are all safe and well in these tough times. 

Big love  

Octopus Team

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